Prada's newest shareholder hopes to help the company pull its head out of the sand. Following the release of an eyewitness expose that revealed that 1-year-old ostriches are electrically shocked and have their throats slit for luxury ostrich-skin bags, shoes, and hermes replica wallets, Peta has become a Prada shareholder in order to attend the company's annual meetings and officially call for an end to all exotic-skins sales. Every pockmarked Prada purse represents a replica handbags uk young, sensitive, and terrified ostrich who was hung upside down, shocked, plucked, and slaughtered, and we are taking the fight against cruelty straight to Prada's boardroom and louis vuitton replica demanding a permanent end to the sale of ostrich-skin handbags. As documented in video footage released by Peta, the largest ostrich-skin companies in the world keep young replica designer handbags ostriches in barren dirt feedlots until they're trucked to slaughter at just 1 year old, far short of their natural 40-year life span. At the slaughterhouse, frightened birds are turned upside down in a stunner, have their throats slit, and have their feathers plucked out to create the bumpy-textured skin used for Prada bags.

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